As you are probably aware, it is mandatory by law to have a MMSI - radio license onboard your vessel at all times.

It is mandatory by law to have an MMSI license onboard your vessel at all times, so we highly recommend our clients to get this while applying for your boat ownership document. Having an MMSI license onboard avoids problems when you are checked by local authorities.

You do not need to do any course to receive the license, all we need is some information about you and your vessel which can be filled in, on our order form. Fill in the form, make the payment and the same day, you have a MMSI radio certificate for your vessel that is valid for all countries around the world.

We offer a MMSI license issued by UK government. It has no restrictions on your nationality or under which flag your vessel is registered and is valid for 10 years. It only takes us 1 day to obtain your license.

License issued by UK Telecom:
We can also offer you a worldwide MMSI issued by the UK Telecom authorities. This official radio license will be valid to use with a VHF, AIS, and EPIRB on your boat AND IT DOES NOT MATTER UNDER WHICH FLAG YOU ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED. This license will be valid for 10 years and is only £135 / €149 in combination with the UK registration.

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